Timeline - Updates

Update history of Live Chat 3, updates are free and included within the same major version.

07 September 2019

Version 3.8.5

Added a reset button for business hours, updated all libraries and fixed all known bugs.

14 June 2019

Version 3.8.4

Ready for the new published native apps, bug fixes and performance improvements.

28 April 2019

Version 3.8.3

New setting for chat upload activated by standard, more statistics in the read lead view, library updates and bug fixes.

09 February 2019

Version 3.8.2

Added Turkish translation, fixed Japanese translation, tested the software up to PHP 7.2.10, library updates, bug fixes and performance improvements.

18 November 2018

Version 3.8.1

New template, new engage options and better heartbeat control for the operator.

10 October 2018

Version 3.8

Ready for the upcoming app udpate, performance and security improvements as well bug fixes.

31 August 2018

Version 3.7.2

WhatsApp new api fix and bug fixes.

15 August 2018

Version 3.7.1

Bot is now firing on first question, bug fix in standard files sharing and displaying, language file fix.

02 August 2018

Version 3.7

WhatsApp, click to chat. Multiple departments for widgets, updated libraries, performance improvements and bug fixes.

05 July 2018

Version 3.6.5

Changed IP to GEO service, bug fixes and general improvements.

27 June 2018

Version 3.6.4

Improved file sharing, library updates, general improvements and bug fixes. Ready for the upcoming app update.

21 June 2018

Version 3.6.3

Bug fixes and general improvements.

21 June 2018

Version 3.6.2

Always send notifications, Database Framework update and bug fixes.

04 June 2018

Version 3.6.1

Bug fixes and general improvements.

28 May 2018

Version 3.6

New update contains a new template for the client side, EU law conform with a checkbox, bootstrap update and bug fixes.

27 March 2018

Version 3.5.2

Bug fixes and general improvements.

24 March 2018

Version 3.5.1

Offline referrer, avatars and bug fixes.

11 January 2018

Version 3.5

Chat bot improvements and bug fixes.

17 November 2017

Version 3.4

Live typing preview is now available.

23 October 2017

Version 3.3.2

Mainly a bug fix release and updated to Bootstrap 4 - Beta 2. We recommend to update as soon as possible.

4 October 2017

Version 3.3.1

Now available a bug fix release for Live Chat 3.

11 September 2017

Version 3.3

New templates for the client chat widget, everything has been changed to postMessge, no more stylesheet loading on the client side, faster chat less queries and much more.

21 July 2017

Version 3.2

Our designer has made a brand new operator dashboard and group chat design, we have implemented many new features including avatar upload in group chats, customer sound alert improvements, better integration with Cloud Chat 3 and much more.

17 June 2017

Version 3.1

We are behind a little bit on our schedule but the wait was worth it, we promise. Now available the greates and latest Live Chat 3 - Version 3.1.

9 may 2017

Version 3.0.5

Live Chat 3.0.5 is now officially available with iOS app support, improved rest api, faster chat and many bugs have been fixed.

3 April 2017

Version 3.0.4

Today is a great day! With the release of Live Chat 3.0.4 we also release the official Android Native App that works together with your very own Live Chat 3 installation.

23 February 2017

Version 3.0.3

Get you hands on one of the biggest release yet. We have included all the features you have requested plus much much more!

19 January 2017

Version 3.0.2

Live Chat 3.0.2 is now available from our Download Area or via Auto Updater. We have build in more ways how you can display the client chat, black list certain URL's (when client is not chatting) and improved the design for Mobile Browsers.

23 November 2016

Live Chat 3

We are proud to announce the release of Live Chat 3. All files have been changed, completely redesigned, easier to use embed code (no jQuery), Bootstrap 4, IOS Smilies and optimised to the last bit of code.